Bespoke, Luxury Furniture & Tableware



Vousden Design

A Welsh design company creating high end furniture and tableware.

Designed by Tom Vousden and made using the highest quality materials. Stylish furniture and products that are designed not only with beauty in mind but also functionality and comfort.

Tableware perfect for high end restaurants, outside catering, weddings and special events.

Domestic or contract furniture for high end luxury interiors.

The range of exclusive tableware gives an exciting new way of framing your food, canapes, cheese & biscuits and anything you can dream up.

With their simple lines and rich natural colour and grains they compliment the food beautifully giving a perfect platform for todays precision presentation.

All of our pieces are hand made to order, keeping a keen eye on the attention to detail. All the materials are carefully hand picked to give every piece their own exclusivity.

All the pieces can be tailored to suit your needs using our bespoke service. Whether you need a different size or require your own authentic design. We can work with you to create something unique.


Go Bespoke

All the materials, timbers, sizes and finishes can be altered on all our furniture and products. Let us know and we can accommodate your needs. Whether it be a wonderful piece of wood that holds your food or it be a particular material you want to upholster your chair.

Send us an email and we can work with you to create something marvelous. Custom made dining ware and custom made furniture for your custom made living .